Suicide Awareness – how to help a friend when they are feeling helpless

This post is designed to help us all become more aware of suicide and how we can do our bit to prevent it. If you are currently experiencing suicidal thoughts you can receive help and support through the following networks: Suicide. It’s such a difficult thing to talk about. We might be used […]


Are you lying about your success?

Two moments to consider. Moment one: I am sitting with friends in a coffee shop talking about managing mental health. I am speaking about how it is hard, how it is a journey and they say: “But you function.”“I do function,” I say. “I am functioning at the moment.” The second moment to consider. Moment […]


It’s a truth universally achknowledged that everyone really hates New Years Eve. At least, it is according to many, many online articles I have read this festive season. I am inclined to think they might be right. This is not necessarily my own opinion, but the amount of friends over the years who have told […]

After Awareness – top tips for emotional self-care

So you spent last week retweeting mental health tweets and sharing articles about mental health awareness on your facebook page. You are an aware individual; you know people who have mental health problems and you’re prepared to break down the stigma piece by piece. You are mentally aware. But whilst you are ready to accept […]

When you can’t love your body #EDAW2018

Today I delivered one of the hardest assemblies of my career. I stood in front of 200 children under the age of eleven and told them that their bodies were great, that they shouldn’t listen to the voices in their heads that told them negative things about their bodies but instead should focus on the […]